PCV windows

Windows and doors are one of the elements that every home must have them. They fulfill security functions, but are also functional and definitely have to be aesthetic. They are showcases of both home and business.

All PVC windows are models that combine modern and safe solutions. Elegant and extremely durable, they have great thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients.


Multi-chamber system with a construction depth of 82 mm. Excellent heat transfer coefficient for the entire window: Uw 0.7 W / m2K.

  • Softly outlined shapes. The lower height of the structure allows for better lighting of the apartment.
  • Multi-chamber construction. Three chambers provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Double-surface gaskets mounted with a slope of 15 degrees are flush with the profile and guarantee perfect water drainage.
  • A special gasket with a chamber protects against the penetration of moisture and air.
  • The profile wall thickness meets the highest RAL standards.
  • Perfectly smooth plastic surfaces that are completely resistant to weather conditions and aging, do not require painting.
  • The fitting notch located along the axis of 13 mm allows the use of stronger fittings.
  • The special structure of the sash reinforcement guarantees perfect statics and safety.
  • Additional ribbing of the frame ensures a stable mounting of the hardware catches.
  • Perfect water drainage is ensured by the special structure of the front frame chamber.
  • The system of three seals (outer, middle and inner) perfectly insulates noise, moisture, cold and drafts. The center seal is firmly attached to the frame.
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