The Milewski company offers the assembly of the purchased joinery.

The key to the proper functioning of the newly acquired products is properly performed montage.

We present our clients with methods and methods of install, providing appropriate advice at every stage of the ordered joinery.

We offer standard installations (using special screws from reputable companies and low-pressure PUR foam), as well as layered installations (so-called “warm”), aimed at reducing thermal bridges, which in turn reduces heating costs, improves the microclimate of the rooms and prevents mold blooms around windows. Specialist vapor-permeable tapes, vapor-permeable tapes and low-pressure PUR foams are used to make it.

If the situation at the customer’s site also requires disassembly work, then we can also provide such a service.

An additional advantage that can convince the customer to choose the option of purchasing goods with assembly is 0% European tax VAT or 23%.

Assembly errors can cause many problems related to the operation of the joinery, but also to its service life.

We look forward to working with you!

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