Interior wooden doors

Wood as a natural and beautiful raw material, having the best thermal insulation properties, will create a unique, warm atmosphere in your homes, while giving the surroundings style and elegance.

Wooden doors will never find equal counterparts in terms of elegance and utility values ​​among products made of other materials.

Internal doors with a thickness of 45 mm with a frame adjustable to the thickness of the wall, thanks to which it can be easily adjusted to the thickness of the wall, thus eliminating the imperfections of the reveal.

The finial of the door frame is a stylish upholstery trim, available in various designs, which emphasizes the charm of complete interior doors.

Apart from the purely structural qualities, the adjustable frame with gentle, innovative shapes is noticeable in its “softness” and, at the same time, massiveness that gives the door a decorative character and harmonizes with the interior.

We make doors for you from the following types of wood: pine, meranti, oak.

We can give a varnish coat of any color from the company’s LAZUR palette (showing the structure of the wood) or a color from the RAL palette (covering paints).

At your request, we use the full range of glass available on the European market, including ornamental, stained glass, frosted, chamfered, cut, artistically decorated glass.

The door is equipped with a lock (key, WC or PZ), adjustable hinges, a seal in the frame and door accessories.

In the case of bathroom doors, we use aesthetic ventilation undercut or openings.

Types of doors:

  • rebated / non-rebated with hidden hinges;
  • two-winged, four-winged, with side and top lights;
  • sliding wall or cassette.

We care about the aesthetic value of the offered products

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