External door

Product Characteristics:

  • pine wood – the first species,
  • door thickness 80mm, reinforced with a steel profile 40 mm x 4 mm on the side of the lock,
  • frame thickness 90mm x 80mm,
  • wooden threshold with an aluminum cover to prevent abrasion of the wood,
  • two gaskets with a closed profile around the frame and the door,
  • the door is regulated by four adjustable hinges in three planes,
  • connection of the constructions by neutral silicone, thus providing full protection of the door against rain,
  • the main security element are two door locks locking the door at two points and two anti-burglary fittings,
  • the varnish coat consists of ecological acrylic paints applied four times in a separate process,
  • insulated glass, standard doors can be glazed with both flat glass, selected models can also be glazed with convex glass,
  • the door are equipped with two upper locks for an insert (45 mm x 55 mm) and a lower one with a spacing of 72 mm, also for an insert (45 mm x 55 mm).

Models of wooden external doors of the Exclusive class

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