About us

Every day we wake up, our first glances are focused on the windows and the view behind them, thinking what the day will bring us. We go out through the front door to start a new day. Woodwork is an element that constantly accompanies our life, becoming also our showcase, affects the comfort of our well-being, giving harmony and elegant style to the place where we live.

The tradition of the Milewski Company dates back to 1905, and for many years, until today, four family generations have been engaged in activities related to the wood industry, hence the uninterrupted passion for finding the most precious values of nature in wood. The company’s seat is in Olbrachcice near Częstochowa.

The Milewski company is a producer of an exclusive class of wooden joinery, compliant with the standards of DJ 68, 78, 88, 92 systems.

We owe our credibility and recognition to our projects for historic buildings belonging to the cultural heritage.

We have renovated and replaced the woodwork in historic buildings, such as: the Wilanów Palace Museum, the Sheet Metal Palace in the Royal Castle Complex in Warsaw, a historic building under the historical name of St. Aleksandra in Warsaw, the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław, the Metropolitan Seminary in Wrocław, Kamienica 1893. in Bielsko Biała, the residence of the Austrian aristocrat Wiktor Burda, Counselor of the Imperial Court ​ Franciszek Józef, the Senacki Hotel in Krakow and in numerous historical and sacred buildings.

Inspired by our clients’ projects, we carry out individual projects for single-family houses, housing construction and modern public utility buildings.

Our products are known on the domestic and foreign markets, e.g. in Germany, France, Spain, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Great Britain, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia and the USA.

Success is a combination of qualified staff with many years of experience and the use of high- quality materials from renowned Polish and European producers, as a result of which we receive a modern product that you appreciate.

The assessment of the company is the degree of customer satisfaction.

Why is it worth choosing Milewski’s products:

  • Our showcase is a generational tradition.
  • We produce durable products for many years.
  • We create with passion and high care for every detail.
  • We execute orders on time.
  • We provide professional and reliable advice and service.
  • We are open to your dreams, which we then make.
  • We have qualified, experienced staff and an appropriate machine park.
  • We work with the best component manufacturers.
  • We increase your sense of security and comfort by using anti-burglary equipment in the form of fittings and glasses.
  • We care about savings, increasing thermal insulation, thus reducing energy consumption costs.
  • We offer fully ecological products, in harmony with nature, ensuring proper indoor air filtration.
  • Our products are easy to care for and maintain.
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